How to Use Area Rugs When Staging Your Brandon Home

By September 24, 2018Carpeting

Area Rugs Brandon FL, Carpet Installation Brandon FL, Carpet Store Brandon FL,If you are planning to stage your Florida home, real estate experts recommend that you spruce it up with carpets from a top-rated carpet store like the World of Floors Florida in Brandon. Staging a home with area rugs gives it an attractiveness and an outlook that is irresistible to buyers. It is the perfect way to stand behind the scenes and allow potential buyers to imagine living in the magnificent home.

Why is the carpet the best way to stage?

The biggest question when staging a home is how to approach it. Though staging involves a wide array of activities ranging from application of a new coat of color on walls to de-cluttering the shelves, bulk of the effort should go to replacing the carpet. Why the carpet?

When it comes to covering the floor, there are many options. The trending option for most homes is hardwood flooring such as laminate, vinyl and tiles. But the trending option when it comes to staging is carpeting. Here are some reasons why carpets are the best for staging.

  • Carpets are cheaper: The carpets are cheaper compared to other types of floors such as hardwood. For example, your Brandon hardwood flooring installation will require an expert while area rugs are easily installed.
  • Floor and house imperfections: If your house floor is not even or home has some imperfections, carpets help to hide such appearances. It has the potential to showcase the home’s beauty while masking minor flaws.
  • Carpets help to bring out perfection: Before the sale closes, the chances are that you will be living in the house for some time. Therefore, a carpet helps you to make the home more appealing and enjoyable. Note that some buyers are simply interested in getting a functional space. Therefore, the way you enjoy the functional space could be the point to help buyers make the crucial decision.

The best strategies for staging carpet installation in Brandon FL homes

After deciding to use carpets, move on and pick the carpet that suits you best. Then, use the following strategies to make the home into your own little paradise.

  1. Go for larger area rugs to make the room/s look spacious

When people are considering buying homes, it is important to appreciate that bigger is always better. Flooring experts recommend that even if your space is small, larger area rugs will make them appear bigger. To make the space look even more spacious, consider clearing all the clutter.

  1. Arrange the furniture and then use the area rug as an anchor

The carpet you install in the house should accentuate the room. Make sure that carpet’s long side articulately follows the couch length. Though it is better to have all the furniture legs on the carpet, it is still okay if only the front legs crouch on the rug.

  1. Categorize the furniture and use carpets to derive harmony

Carefully use the carpet in line with furniture grouping to strike some contrast. For example, small carpet thrown in the middle of a well-furnished room will do more harm than good. Top flooring companies in Brandon will recommend a longer runner in such an extended space.

  1. Ensure the rug matches with the style used in the room

Go for carpets that easily match with the house’s theme by matching the colors and patterns that help to create a sense of energy flow. You should also use lighting and wall art to make the room more stylish and attractive.

Staging your home with the right carpet helps to emphasize its strengths and ensure that you get the highest price. Visit the one of the best flooring store in Brandon – World of Floors Florida to pick the ideal pieces that will make the home appealing. If unsure of the carpet to choose, consider seeking expert assistance from the carpet store.

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