Flooring Recommendations For Your Brandon, FL Home

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Whether you want to lay new flooring for your entire house or are just looking to change the flooring of a particular area, your options are endless. Having said that, don’t be confused as you can always narrow down your flooring choices if you carry out some research on the various kind of options available in the market. Notably, certain floor covers are better suited for certain rooms.

As you plan for what kind of flooring you want to buy and get installed, you have to think of the suitability of the floor to the room. How you will be using the room largely contributes to which floor you ultimately pick. Also, remember the amount and intensity of footfall involved per area of the house, because some floor are more durable compared to others.

For rooms that tend to get wet, such as bathrooms and kitchens, search for flooring that can withstand the effects of water. For crowded family rooms and children’s bedrooms, search for flooring that is stain resistant. Here, we put together our recommendations for the appropriate floors depending on the room and usage.

Types of Flooring


A more affordable alternative to wood flooring, laminate flooring requires very little maintenance. With many designs and styles, laminate flooring is a great option for many rooms because of its durability.

Laminate is particularly helpful for heavily used areas that are prone to spillage. Here, messes can be cleaned quite easily. If any damage occurs, you can easily remove parts of the laminate flooring—this is much simpler than replacing carpet or sheet vinyl.


Engineered wood is created using timber board layers with a topping of real hardwood. This makes it more stable than your traditional hardwood flooring. The topping can be as thin as 1 mm to as thick as 5 mm. There are typically many veneers to pick from, like maple, beech, walnut, and oak. Varying finishes are also available, such as oiled, matt lacquer, and satin lacquer.

Engineered wood has a natural and homey feel to it. So, if you want the feel of hardwood floors but would like to have a lower level of maintenance, choose engineered wood flooring. Even better, they typically have a manufacturer’s warranty, making it a great home investment.


Vinyl flooring has many options in terms of designs, patterns, and colors. This works well for heating under the floor and is wonderful for keeping your feet warm during the cold weather. The flooring also has a cushioning effect that brings more comfort.


If you choose wool carpet, there is an expectedly higher cost. But its natural fibers are very soft, serving as an insulator. This lowers your electricity bill during the wintertime yet helps you stay cool during the summertime. Wool carpets are easy to clean since they are dirt resistant. This is great for families that have household pets.

Another option for carpets is the polypropylene carpet, which is very affordable and durable. If you need to clean it, all you need is a cleaning agent mix. The polypropylene carpet is great for active family households, especially those with small children and pets. For areas where there are heavy footfall levels, it might be better to go with this option since it is heavier and there is very little possibility of wear and tear. It also bears well against color fading through time.

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