What to consider before buying flooring for your kitchen remodeling project

kitchen flooring and remodeling

kitchen flooring installation“Kitchens are made for bringing families together”

Few things can be as rewarding as standing on your beautiful new kitchen flooring in your remodeled kitchen, and just admiring how great it all looks. The kitchen has always been an important part of the home. Even today with all the gadgets and distractions of modern living, the kitchen remains a sanctuary in our homes. It serves as the main place where families are able to talk and share some quality time together as they prepare and eat food.

There are lots of reasons as to why people decide to renovate their kitchen and replace the flooring. It might be a case of new owners having moved into a property and wishing to change it to fit their tastes, it could be that the old kitchen has seen better days, or even in some cases because homeowners wish to renovate the kitchen before they place their home on the market, something which has been shown to markedly increase buyers’ interest and the value of a property.

The main drawback that hits most families hard is the new kitchen and flooring remodeling costs. Remodeling a kitchen can typically cost anywhere from $10,000 and up, while redoing the flooring will cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars and up, depending on materials used. For most families, remodeling an entire kitchen is a big investment and inevitably causes quite a big amount of disruption to family life. The great news is that of those homeowners surveyed, very few said they had any regrets whatsoever about doing the remodeling.

With literally tens of thousands of great kitchens and thousands of different kitchen flooring types to choose from, finding the right ones for your home can actually be the biggest headache of the whole process. Which one you eventually decide upon, really depends on your personal tastes, budget and of course, the size and shape of your kitchen.

5 Main types of kitchens:

  • One-wall Kitchen
  • Galley Kitchen
  • L-shaped Kitchen
  • G-shaped kitchen
  • The Island Kitchen

With all of these kitchens you will have a range of personalization options that include everything from the worktop material, the number of drawers and cabinets, open or incorporated electronic appliances such as fridges, extractor fans etc., and even options for under-counter lighting if you are happy to pay the extra.

Types of flooring and average cost per square foot:

  • Hardwood – $8.00/sf
  • Tile       –  $7.50/sf
  • Bamboo –  $7.30/sf
  • Carpet –  $6.00/sf
  • Laminate –  $4.70/sf
  • Vinyl   –   $3.00/sf

When it comes to current kitchen flooring trends, it is no surprise that people continue to favor either hardwood or tiles. These two types of flooring have a number of advantages over the others, namely that they look better, are less easy to damage, and also lasting longer too.

How you decide on exactly which flooring type is best for your home again comes down to your individual tastes and budget. Since floors have quite a hard life, it is definitely recommended you pay a little more and invest in one of the better flooring types such as tiles. This will certainly save you money in the long run and will make your kitchen look better too.

Best Practices for installing kitchen flooring

When it comes to installing kitchen flooring, wherever possible you should leave it to an expert. All the best companies that sell flooring have teams

of highly experienced experts who will be able to install the flooring for you. Though sometimes these companies will charge an additional fee, getting an expert to do the installation will not only prevent the risk of damage to your kitchen units, but will also mean the job gets completed much faster as well.

kitchen flooring and remodeling

If you have the relevant skills to install your new kitchen flooring yourself then please remember to make sure that you have all the necessary tools before you start. For kitchen tiles especially, you will need a good quality tile cutter, especially if you are cutting Spanish tile, etc.

Finally, always remember to take care when ripping up old flooring as it may contain nails and other sharp objects. Always wear a dust mask and be sure to clean the floor thoroughly before you continue to install your new flooring.

The experts at World of Floors Florida will work with you to help you to decide which is better for you. Come visit us at one of our two locations in Florida or call us today at (813) 963-6300.

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