Five Hot Summer Design Trends for your Tampa, FL Home

The calendar may not officially say it’s summer, but the weather is hot and World of Floors Tampa is bringing you these five summer design trends to include in your interior design. From bold pops of color to embellishments, we’ve got your Tampa interior design covered.


Intricate and unique embellishments run the gamut from florals to sparkles, tufting to tassels, fringing and even feathers! These textured, glossy highlights have the ability to truly transform your Tampa home décor. This season you’ll find embellishments on cushions, wall hangings, throws, carpeting and accessories. The trend brings a hand-made quality and richness to each room it touches. Think about adding pillows accented with tassels and a lightweight throw with fringed ends to your couch.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are being used on carpets and cushions. We’re even seeing them in tiles, wallpaper and art. These patterns can be used to very bold effect to brighten a backsplash, floor or wall.

The ancient Greeks believed in sacred geometry – they ascribed symbolic meanings to certain geometric shapes and proportions. The thought was that since geometry is found everywhere in nature it should be brought indoors to harmonize and balance homes and buildings.

Bold Pops of Color

A very strong trend is bold pops of color. This trend focuses on mixing bright colors together. Think about starting with one or two main colors and using them to ground the rest of the room. Textures add to the look. Designers have taken to teaming patterns and stripes together for a modern look.

If this all feels a bit too much, don’t fret. You can add a bold pop of color without the commitment. For instance, create a neutral background and add bright color. This can be achieved by keeping your walls and floor covering colors neutral. The color comes in through accessories: accent pillows, throws, vases etc. Drama is created by very bold accessory colors highlighted against neutral back drops. And, you can even mix in other trends like geometric shapes or embellishments. It all works together.

Shimmery Floor coverings

Shimmer is a new concept for carpets that’s perfect for summer. These coverings have an iridescent finish that catches and plays with light. They can be used on their own or paired with shimmery wallpaper and decorative paint.

Manufacturers are using different materials to get the shimmer effect. Some are weaving viscose — a shiny semi-synthetic fabric — together with traditional wool. One is even using 25% recycled plastic water bottles as part of the yarn. Talk about recycling!

Remember, the professionals at World of Floors are here to guide you to a Tampa interior design that works for you.

Glittery Gold

The metallic trend has been around for a while. In 2017 we saw metallic start to emerge in paints and metal finishes. This year, it’s gold all the way. Reminiscent of the Florida sunshine, gold is softer than silver. It carries an air of opulence and elegance. Dramatic dark walls and floor coverings create a great contrast to show off glittery gold. If subtlety is your thing, try just using gold accessories, they’re simple and understated.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your Tampa interior design to chance. Call a Tampa flooring company like the professionals at World of Floors Florida in Tampa. Our design staff is up-to-date on the latest trends to help your transform your home. Contact us today or leave a comment below this post with your questions!

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