5 Types of Tile Flooring That Will Look Great in Your Home

tile flooring

Tile can be a great addition to your home. If you’ve ever looked at tile at your local hardware store, you know that there are many, many distinct types of tile on the market. So, which one will not only look great in your home, but stand the test of time as well? Here are the five best varieties of tile flooring to install in your home.

1.  Porcelain Tiletile flooring installation

There are many kinds of porcelain tile, including:

  • Stain-resistant porcelain
  • Durable slate-look porcelain
  • Stone-like porcelain
  • Wood-look porcelain

Porcelain is generally resistant to spills, stains, and chips. It also keeps out moisture. Light colors with a dark grout are recommended. The slate-, stone-, and wood-like varieties provide the look of natural stone or hardwood, while also providing the durability of porcelain. This is a very popular choice.

2.  Small Mosaic Tiles

Small tiles are recommended for small rooms, and are very popular for bathrooms. They typically come in measurements of one inch or smaller. They are very easy to install, and great for rooms that see moisture, due to more grout lines and traction.

3.  Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is built to last and can hold up to moisture and other elements very well. It’s very durable, but is a bit heavier than other types, which may prohibit its use in most areas of the house – except for the basement. If you have a finished basement, this is an excellent choice. Make sure your house has had a chance to settle before installing basement tile.

4.  Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone can give your home an elegant, distinctive look. It is usually used outdoors because of its ability to withstand the elements, but it’s also useful for front and back doors and other areas of the house that welcome guests. Varieties of natural stone include:

  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Travertine

Slate is usually the stone of choice, because it is less slippery than other varieties. Having a surface that has a bit of traction can prevent accidents. Slate is extremely durable, reduces the risk of slips and falls, and can be found in color varieties that help hide water and mud.

Marble and travertine are a bit more slippery than slate. However, travertine is a popular choice for homes in the Southwest. This is mostly because of the region’s hot climate, since the tile provides a cooler feel. It is also great when paired with radiant heating, since it helps to maintain and distribute heat within the house.

Call a Professional to Help You Install Your Tile Flooring

World of Floors in Brandon, Florida, can help you enrich your home’s beauty with unique tiling that adds character. We will help you decide which type of tile suits your home and family best, conduct in-home measurements and installation, and even help with financing by providing options that benefit you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, or leave a comment below this post with any questions you may have before getting started.

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